Long before the invention of modern technologies, such as radios, televisions, and the internet, the Elizabethans created an elaborate system of activities and events to keep themselves entertained. Although there was work to be done, leisure was an important part of the lives of the English people during the Elizabethan Age. Most of this leisure came either after church on Sundays or on the holidays.

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-The laborers would sing while they worked, and the townspeople would sing or play music after meals.
- The lute, virginal, viola, recorder, bagpipe and the fiddle were favored instruments of that time.
- A popular form of entertainment in the countryside was the ringing of church bells.
- Since there was no access to a recording studio, the music had to be performed.
- The wealthy people hired musicians to play during dinner.

< Dacing >

- The dances were mostly performed by couples (best opportunities for interaction between married people).
- Some of the dances that were performed had foreign names, usually French or Italian.

- Dancing in the Elizabethan Age was considered "a wholesome recreation of the mind and also an exercise of the body"

< Drama >
- In the Elizabethan Age drama was at the high peak of its cultural achievement for all time.
- A variety of plays including action, humor, violence, and plays with musical interludes.
- Plays were attended by all the people, with the audience reflecting society from the lowest to the highest levels.

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- Major role in the leisure time of the Elizabethan Age.
- Some of the indoor games included dice, chess, checkers and a variety of card games.

England is so far north that in the midsummer there was plenty of light late into the evening. This gave the people more time to spend outside after their work was done. Another major part of the Elizabethan lifestyle had to do with feasts and festivals. Every season of the year had special days that drew the people together to celebrate. From the beginning to the end of each year, Elizabethans found ways to keep themselves entertained. They were a creative group of people who pursued leisure activities with great passion.

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