Influece of Military and church

politics Influence of military
The politics was dont have much power during shakespeare. The politics was keep fight with other country
maccari-cicero.jpgbecause they have a strong army mean military. But all the decision was made by a church not a politics.
The church was almost monarchy. They older to fight in the god name. Thats what they said all the time.
They usuelly talk a lot like the picture. But no lot of them are accepted to church. So church was totally
determining the politics.They were deeply religious and did most things in the name of Religion.
So government makes lots party during that time pensioners party,english democrats party,Free england party etc... like there has lots names on the party and they always play parties.

Church in England
The Church of England is the officially established Christian church in England.Queen Elizabeth II is the official head of the church, with the title
12.jpgSupreme Governor of the Church of England. The church was totally stronger than a political. Because they were a christian and they always says that we doing god's work. Also the citizens are all the church side so they coulndnt say lots worlds. The saskepeare make a few story between church and politics. Of the forty-four diocesan archbishops and bishops in the Church of England. only twenty-six are permitted to sit in the House of Lords. So its kind of difficult to get on a church. Also lots people who work in the church was loves money too much during that time.

So during this time in england was kind good but not that great. The Elizbeth control everything also church those so the government was not powerful enough so they have to bowed to a church to look good. So its a kind complexity society during that time.

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