The food they ate and developed
Shakespeare and his contemporaries were familiar with a wide range of foodstuffs and seasonings and had strong opinions about the flavor and quality of what they ate.The changing seasons gave them greens, roots, herbs, fruits, and nuts, many of which were gathered in hedgerows,
fields, and forests, as well as in kitchen gardens. The shakespeare started to eat a bread made with flour. ArtVolc91no8c.jpg
Also period of that time the skaespeare ate a every part of the animal, they cooked everything.
They traped animal very clavery with aromatic herbs to flavor their meat. The food of sixteenth-century
English men and women varied with the seasons.
Almost end of the seventeenth century the England developed in agriculture.imported foods, beverages, and seasonings, and a palate that had shifted from sweet to salty had changed the way the English ate.

The health menual

In this health menual makes in 1675 for using from house. This book talks that the food is having a relation ship with the medicine so they could fixed it. The peoples characteristic is all differnt so they figure out the Bile, Blood, Choler, or Melancholy and fixed with this menual. Usually people used this health menual with a individual meats, spices, wines. So this health menual is almost same as a guide book or a folk remedy of englnand society

The drink in England
The coffe culture is started from europe so they get a coffe from other country for not get sleeped easierly.The coffee was a antihypnotic with a chocolet so people never get sleeped. Also they started drink black tea and a bear. First time the coffee was very populer because it makes worst sleeping but that affect thake too long time so the popler goes down. This picture talks about the womens against men. The women dont like so they complain and said no more coffe but the men makes coffee to "the Citizens Academy"

A697.jpgSo during this time the england was trying to accept lots fo food and tryed to be a healthier. Also they even get a stuff never see before.
They started dring coffe or beares and black tea from asia.
Also they ate a dry food wich is saved from a dryfood warehouse. They start creat those so easy to eat. So people was getting smart
about creat and find good food or drink to medicine or easy to eat with diliciouse.

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