1. Acrobat - They entertained the people
  2. Apothecary - They were the people who made herbal medicines.
  3. Astrologers - known as mystical being. They are skilled in reading astronomical bodies and relate them in every person's life.
  4. Barber - They took care of people's hygiene. They also cut the people's hair and they were also known as dentist and surgeon.
  1. Blacksmith- lowly occupation, but they were the only people who can make amors and weapons.
  2. Butler - in charge for the castle cellar.
  3. Bower - Bow maker.
  4. Candlemaker - the name implies
  5. Carpenter - They were the today's engineer that helps to build house and castle. They are known as elite tradesmen.
  6. Chamberlain - responsible for the entire jobs that has something to do with the Chamber.
  7. Chaplain - They help religious ceremony.
  8. Clothier - They made clothes for Lord and Royal family.
  9. Cook - Chef or cook for certain family.
  10. Cordwainer - Shoes seller during Elizabethan era.
  11. Cottar - known as one of the lowest occupation.
  12. Gardener - They kept taking care of flowers and grasses in the castle.
  13. Gond Farmer - term used for dung.
  14. Harker - they declare announcements given by the queen.
  15. Herbalists - People who planted medical plants.
  16. Jester - Private clown for King's family.
  17. Knight - They fought for their Lord and Royal family.
  18. Messenger - Postman or mail carrier during Elizabethan era.
  19. Moneylender - they were the today's banker.
  20. Page - a work than includes a very young man, usually 7 years old. They are tasked to wait at the table and oversee the Lord's clothes as well as assist in dressing.
  21. Painter - King and royal family hired them for pictures and decoration for their castle.
  22. Physician - They were the today's doctor. They cure sick people.
  23. Potter - They were making plates or cups which were made by clay amd ceramics.
  24. Scribe - unmarried woman.
  25. Steward - assists in the household administration.
  26. Squire - a junior to the knight. They should know what is Code of Chivalry.
  27. Watchman - They look upon the outer side of castles for security.


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